In 1831, settler John Vickers built a grist mill on the falls of Portage Creek located in the southwestern part of Michigan’s Lower Peninsula. Since then, the approximately 3 square mile community experimented with names such as Holland, Lincoln, and Brady. However, in 1871 the community was incorporated as a village and named Vicksburg after its founder, John Vickers. Vicksburg is located approximately 15 miles south of Kalamazoo and boasts beautiful Sunset Lake near the center of the village for residents and visitors to enjoy.


The local government of Vicksburg is operated under the policy direction of an elected President and six Trustees. Directed to enforce these policies is the Village Manager with the support of the Department of Public Works and Police Department.


The approximately 2,320 residents (according to the 2000 US Census), as well as visitors, can feel safe and secure with 24 hour police protection, 24 hour South County Fire protection, 24 hour South County Emergency Medical Services and Bronson Vicksburg Hospital located within the village limits. The Department of Public Works maintains the streets, roads, parks, public properties and utilities (including the sanitary sewer and public water distribution system). Leaf and brush removal is provided on an ongoing basis year-round. In addition to a District Library, the village also upholds an excellent public education system providing grades kindergarten through 12.

Industrial Opportunities

In 1988 the Village obtained 40 acres of land to the west. With the sale of bonds that would be repaid by the increased tax revenue from new businesses, no local tax money was used. The village decided to use the land to create the Henry A. Leja Business Park. Two grants provided by the State of Michigan helped pay for the new infrastructure needed to support the new industries. Included in the new infrastructure was the installation of new water and sanitary sewer mains, the drilling of an additional municipal well, and the addition of curbs and paved streets. At the present time, only once parcel exists for development.

Housing Developments

  • Angels Crossing Golf Course and Residential Development
  • Maple Meadows
  • Trillium
  • Madison Heights
  • Allen Edwin Homes