Pay Your Water and Sewer Bill Online

Additional Payment Options

  • By mail
  • By use of the drop box located on the front door at the Village Office
  • By phone with a debit or credit card (3% fee)
  • Electronically through your financial institution’s bill pay
  • Cash, check, debit, and credit cards in the Village Office at:

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Billing Schedule

Utility billing is done quarterly. The Village of Vicksburg reads meters during the last week of the month prior to billing. Your bill will be due on 60 days after mailing date, unless that falls on a weekend or holiday. Exceptions may apply. Failure to receive your utility bill does not waive any late fees you may incur. Shut off notices will be due at the end of the quarter. Shut off day will be the first day of the next quarter.


Quarterly Billing Schedule

Month Meters are Read Month Bill is Mailed Month Bill is Due
December January 60 Days from Mailing
March April 60 Days from Mailing
June July 60 Days from Mailing
September October 60 Days from Mailing



Water & Sewer Rates

Village of Vicksburg customers are charged $3.79 for water for each unit (1000 gallons) used. Customers with sewer service are charged $10.04 for every unit used. Sewer usage is based off of water usage.


Fixed Fees

In addition to consumption charges, there is a base rate that is not dependent on the amount of water used. This charge is based on the size of the meter. Nearly all residential customers in the Village have a ¾ inch or 1-inch meter. There is also a $10.00 lead line replacement fee per quarter for all metered connections.

Meter Size Total
¾ inch $86.27
1 inch $145.62
2 inch $552.32

Contact Us

Water & Sewer Billing

Phone: (269) 649-1919




Monday through Thursday

7:30 AM to 5:30 PM








Requesting a Final Bill

Final utility bills will be issued within 3 business days of a final read (some exceptions may apply). To schedule a final read, contact the Utility Billing Department at (269) 649-1919 and be ready to provide your contact information as well as where the final bill will be sent. This is usually the seller’s forwarding address.
We may need access to the meter inside the home or business. Depending on the season or demand, it may take up 3 business days for a final read appointment. Please be sure to contact the Utility Billing Department as soon as a closing date has been set to help ensure a final read appointment is scheduled prior to the close date.


Can I have a separate meter for sprinkler system or irrigation system to avoid sewer charges?

Yes. You can purchase a separate irrigation meter from us at the Village Office. This meter costs $300, then you would hire a plumber to install it for you. Purchasing this irrigation meter would allow you to water your lawn without incurring sewage consumption costs.

How do I fill a pool?

Pools may be filled from the regular outdoor house tap. There is no separate water fee or water without a sewage charge available.

Why is my bill so high?

There are several factors that could impact the amount of water that goes through your meter. There could be a toilet, sink or outdoor faucet leak. Please check the “how to check for Leaks” PDF for more information.

What is a turn on/turn off fee?

Turn on/off fees are $50 each if the Department of Public Works has to come out to turn on/off your water.

Can I turn on or off my water service myself?

If you would like your water service turned off you would need to come into the Village Office and fill out the form. A $50 turn off fee and a $50 turn on fee ($100 total) is required at the time of the request.

I did not receive my bill?

If your bill is late, according to the billing schedule, your bill may have been lost in the mail. If you have not received your utility bill according to the billing schedule please call (269) 649-1919 to find out the balance and due date of your utility bill. We can also mail you a copy of your utility bill.

Failure to receive your bill does not waive penalty. Unpaid bills are a lien on the property and are collectible on the tax roll in accordance with Village ordinance.

Why does someone have to come into my home and read my meter?

Meters may need to be inspected to: Document an accurate read in the event of a discrepancy. Inspect the water meter to determine that it is good condition and functioning properly. Verify that inside meter reads correlate with the outside reading device.

How will I know if there is a problem with my water?

If the amount of a contaminant exceeds a predetermined safe level in your drinking water, the Village of Vicksburg will notify EGLE. The Village will notify the public via newspapers, radio stations, and TV stations.

Is filtered water safer than tap water to drink?

Some people use home water filters to improve the taste, smell or appearance of their tap water, but it does not necessarily make the water safer or healthier. All home treatment devices require regular maintenance, when not preformed properly water quality problems may result.

Why is my tap water rusty or reddish and what do I do about it?

When the water in the lines are agitated (for example, from a large water main flush, road work, or hydrant use) this can stir up sediment from the bottom of the water lines. In the course of normal maintenance, the hydrant flushing and water gate exercising can stir up sediment. If your tap water appears reddish or a rusty color, it is recommended not to use your water for one hour, and then run cold water at the lowest point in your house for several minutes. If water is still not clear, wait for a half hour the run the water for several minutes again. Repeat this every half hour until your water has cleared up. This water is still potable, but the discoloration may affect the washing of clothes.

What do I do if my sewer drain is backing up?

Contact the utility billing department at (269) 649-1919 during regular business hours. Or call Vicksburg Police non-emergency number after hours at (269) 649-1144.

I don’t understand my utility bill. How can I learn to read it?

To better understand your utility bill, please view the Understanding your water bill (PDF).

What components of my water delivery is the Village responsible for maintaining and repairing?

The Village is responsible for maintaining the water/sewer main, the stop box (the on/off control into the house), and the water meter. All other hardware, connections, and costs to other items are the sole responsibility of the home owner. These items include, but not limited to the service line and valves both before and after the meter.

Why is my balance so low?

You may have a malfunctioning meter. A malfunctioning meter only slows down and eventually stops; it will never speed up or increase your reads. You can call the utility billing department at (269) 649-1919 to help address this issue.

Why is my balance in parenthesis?

This means that you have overpaid your last water bill and now have a credit in your account. You do not owe the Village any money for the current billing cycle.

Why is my meter read estimated?

You may have an estimated meter read if your meter has malfunctioned, or if the Department of Public Works is unable to access the readout. In the case of this the Utility Billing department will contact the home owner to remedy this.

When are appointments available for meter repairs and inspections, water turn on and turn off, final meter reads, etc.?

Appointments are scheduled through the utility billing department at (269) 649-1919. Appointments are available Monday through Friday from 7:00 AM to 2:00 PM.