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Vicksburg’s Social District to Reopen 12/10/21

The Social District will reopen Friday 12/10/21 at 4 p.m. The Social District will be open during the Christmas in the Village event 12/11/21.

Temporary Suspension of Vicksburg Social District

The infrastructure project has moved into our downtown. With all of the equipment, the digging, and the removal of our streetlights for refurbishing, the Village Council has taken the prudent and safe action of temporarily suspending our Vicksburg Social District until it becomes safe to reopen. The Social District will be temporarily suspended beginning July…

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Social District Rules

All alcoholic beverages must be in a designated Vicksburg Historic District cup. Our participating establishments will provide you with the approved cup filled with the alcoholic beverage of your choice. Businesses within our Social District make the determination whether or not Social District cups are allowed in their business. Look for these signs to determine if drinks are allowed inside.

Leaving the Social District with an alcoholic beverage is against state and local laws. Check the map (on this page) and look for the signs that mark the Social District boundaries. Please note: All parking lots and alleyways, except Liberty Lanes east and west, and the alley behind the Hideaway extending from North Kalamazoo Street to North Main Street are outside of the Social District boundaries. You are not allowed to take drinks served at one location into a different bar or restaurant or into their outdoor seating areas. Social District cups are not refillable and must be discarded before leaving the Social District.


Please keep an eye on the time. The Vicksburg Social District hours are 12 noon to 11 p.m. seven days a week. Our establishments will stop serving Social District drinks at 10 p.m. to allow patrons the opportunity to finish their drinks by the 11 p.m. Social District closing.


Please treat others and businesses within our community with respect. Please drink responsibly. All State of Michigan and Village of Vicksburg laws apply, including those prohibiting public intoxication, impaired driving, and serving alcohol to minors.


And please, enjoy your time in Vicksburg. We look forward to your next visit.