Planning Commission Overview

The Planning Commission is an appointed body responsible for developing a comprehensive master plan to guide future development that best reflects the priorities and values of residents. The commission also reviews proposed development projects and makes recommendations to the Village Council. All new projects undergo a thorough approval process that ensures each project meets all local and state zoning regulations and that the community receives the best development possible.The Planning Commission/Downtown Development Authority meets every month on the second Monday of each month at 7 pm at Village Hall (126 N Kalamazoo Ave.).

The Village of Vicksburg welcomes the development of new businesses in our community. While zoning does not allow a business to be located in every building in the community, we will assist you in finding a location for your needs.

Conceptual Review Meetings

While not required, the Village encourages anyone interested in developing in Vicksburg to schedule a conceptual review meeting. This meeting will allow a chance to discuss the project, communicate clear expectations for application packages, and work through any potential concerns. With transparent and predictable expectations, developers can save valuable time and money in creating an application package that is complete and ready for review. Depending on your project, other topics may be discussed, such as infrastructure needs, qualifications for tax abatements, the tax implications of the different development and local incentives that might be available. The Village Manager will include key staff or designees as may be appropriate for the project. To the extent permitted by the Freedom of Information Act, these conversations will be kept confidential until the owner is ready to submit formal documents. All that is needed to schedule a conceptual review is a general idea of your planned development and a location. To schedule a meeting, please contact Jim Mallery at (206) 649-1919.

Please see links below for relevant forms and documents such as the Zoning Map, Zoning Ordinance, applications and fees. Fees can be paid by mail, use of the drop box located outside the front door of the Village Office, by phone with a debit or credit card (3% fee), electronically through your financial institution’s bill pay or cash, check, debit or any major credit card in the Village office at 126 N. Kalamazoo Ave., Vicksburg, MI 49094. Office hours are Monday through Thursday 7:30-5:30.


Zoning Map

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