123538 S Sprinkle

86.16 acre Regional Park, 1.8 mile Trail

The Trailhead, with parking at corner of Richardson and North Street, offers almost two miles of non-motorized trail that includes views of Sunset Lake and wooded areas. Near the middle of the trail is the Vicksburg Recreation Area. Walkers, joggers, rollerbladers, bikers and pets are welcome. Trail expansions are currently active to connect Vicksburg to surrounding communities.
Located north of the village, the Recreation Area is home to an 18 hole disc golf course, is about 8,000 feet in length, and has extensive trails that overlook ponds, marsh, and wooded areas perfect for appreciating nature. The park also offers substantial parking, picnic area, and large fields for outdoor activities.

Rec Area 01 Recreation Area Disc Golf Rec Area 02 Recreation Area paved trail Rec Area 03 Recreation Area paved Trail two Rec Area 04 Recreation Area resting bench Rec Area 05 Recreation Area walk to lake Rec Area 06 Recreation Area woods near lake Rec Area 07 Recreation Area rustic trail Rec Area 08 Recreation Area more paved trail Rec Area 09 Recreation Area paved trail extension